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KYT1700N-261 KOOLAIRE 1380 LB

KYT1700N-261 KOOLAIRE 1380 LB
SKU: 114718
Manufacturer part number: KYT1700N-261

Manitowoc Ice

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Whether you’re starting a restaurant, needing to replace your existing ice machine, or deciding to add an additional ice machine to your operation, consider Koolaire by Manitowoc. Koolaire ice machines provide you with basic features you need with the reliability you expect at a price that fits your budget.
Exceeds 2018 DOE Requirements

Available CleanAir™ pack controls the growth of bacteria and fungi that form slime and cause odors in the food zone
Easy access to food zone with removal of two screws and lift-off door
High-tech exterior with smudge and fingerprint resistant stainless-like finish

Water shield, distribution tube, pump, floats, and trough removable by hand
White plastics in the food zone help identify areas needing cleaning